30 Day Blog Challenge Day 3: What kind of person attracts you.

Yeow, this is a hard one!

I’m not really sure I have a solid ‘type’ as such, most of the guys I’ve been out with have been pretty different from each other. There are a few key traits that seem to be winners for me..

1. Someone who is funny. But smart funny, like, witty. Someone who can keep the banter going.

2. Passion. You gotta have a passion for something, an aim in life. I don’t even mind what, just as long as you have the drive to succeed at something.

3. Height. I’m a pretty tall gal (5″7) so the same height is good, as long as your ego can deal with me wearing heels every once in a while, and taller is a bonus.

4. Quirkiness. I can’t explain this any more. If you’re a little weird I’ll probably like you.

5. Opinions. Have an opinion on something. There’s nothing worse than sitting around with nothing to say.

6. Confidence.


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