30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 5: 5 things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex.

Yesterday I was hungover, so this is late. Bitcheslovewine.

5 things that irritate me about girls:

1. When girls make other girls feel inadequate and uncomfortable.

2. Over thinking. I do this. It’s bad, bad, bad. We are causing way too many future wrinkles worrying over stuff that won’t even matter in 5 minutes let alone by the time the wrinkles show up on your face.

3. JUDGING. Oh my god. I ‘like’ the fitspiration pages on facebook and the amount of girls that find negative things to say on pictures of girls that have changed their whole way of life with good food and exercise makes me sick. She isn’t anorexic you silly cows, she just lost weight and is now fit and happy.

4. On the other hand, when all girls talk about is calories and food and exercise and salad. Yawn. Eat a burger.

5. When girls don’t like girl stuff like Sex and the City.

5 things that annoy me about boys:

1. When boys don’t understand Shortland Street, and the need to watch it.

2. When boys don’t have any confidence. You’re not a ‘nice’ guy. You’re a boring guy.

3. They think that soap is an acceptable product to wash your face with. Um, no.

4. Video games. Do I even need to say anymore?

5. What guys think is clean. Nowhere close to actually clean.


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