30 Day Blog Challenge Day 8. Something you’re currently worrying about.

So today I got a little shout out from some hilarious Welly girls over at catandtonic (they are also doing the 30 day blog challenge! I was actually inspired by them). Thanks guuurls!

Some other cool kids I know who are challenging themselves this May: danijustis, mynameisra & alexforthelols (I’ve convinced him to do this instead of the weird youtube videos about boxing he was doing before, it’s way better now). Also since this has turned into a shout out of bloggers I think are cool here’s a cool blogger who is currently living in FRANCE (jelly) – madamfrank.

Today is about something I’m currently worrying about. I worry about a lot of things, all of which I feel like I need to word vomit onto this page. I’ve cut it down to 3 though.

1. About a month ago I got some sweet as eyelash extensions (hey, try everything once!) which were freaking awesome and I felt like bambi every day without having to wear mascara. Awesome right? Well yeah for a bit, until now they’re all gone and I’m not sure if I just think my normal eyelashes are stumpy because I had the bambiesque fake ones on, or if they – horror – actually are because the fake lashes ruined them. Will they grow back all lush and pretty like before? Or will they just stay stumpy forever? Is this how beauty technicians trick you into coming back every 4 weeks? So yeah, I’m worrying about whether my eyelashes will grow back pretty or not. #firstworldproblems

2. This is sort of a real worry – I challenged myself to do a half marathon in August (the Taupo one, if anyone feels like coming to watch and cheer me on)  and literally every time I go for a run I have to fend off panic attacks about actually running 21km and it not taking me the entire day. I also haven’t done that much outdoor running, I’ve just been training at the gym and I know I need to run outside to get used to it but it’s Auckland so it’s always raining and there are so many hills and what if I’ve underestimated the level of fitness needed to do it and what if it’s just too hard and I can’t do it?!


3. I’m also worried about; seeing this boy I like because what if it’s awkward and I act like a massive loser and not the sex kitten I think I am, the fact I owe my dad $550 because my car is a piece of shit, the fact I’m in between two pair of jeans at the moment (one is too baggy and one is too tight across my butt) do I buy more pairs? Or do I just run more and eat less? And where to buy from? Online shopping is better and cheaper but there’s like a 50% chance I’ll get the wrong size because women’s clothing doesn’t have an international size standard, FUCK.


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