30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 10. Your views on drugs and alcohol.

So yesterday I read a post over at catantonic (fangirling on their blog haaarrd at the moment) on things you want to say to an ex, and got all excited about writing it that I wrote it, forgetting that I’m only up to Day 10 and not 12. After I wrote it I was way too tired to write another so I just went to sleep. So two posts today!

So this is pretty straight up. I’m cool as with casual drug and alcohol use, depending on the drug.  I don’t think it’s a great idea to ingest man made chemicals too often, because really you have no idea what the fuck is in them. Also stay the fuck away from shit like meth. Plants I’m cool with.

I have a definite problem with people that get to the point where they need drugs and/or alcohol to function as a normal human. Hint – at this stage you no longer look or act like a normal human, get help stat.

And I’m a huge wine fan so I don’t have too many problems with drinking. I know we’re supposed to have this whole binge drinking culture going on in NZ but I’ve never got myself into a huge amount of trouble drinking.

Well. The worst times usually involve being put to bed early by my girlfriends and/or a two day hangover. And sometimes taxi rides make me feel sick. But that’s just like, motion sickness or something. Drunk people don’t deal well sitting in the passenger seat with black road zooming at their face.

So yeeeah, I’m pretty relaxed about most substances. Sometimes we just wanna have fun right?


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