30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 14. Something disgusting you do.

Ima girl, we don’t do anything gross, like, EVAH okay!

I’m gonna cheat a little bit and tell you about something gross that happened to me instead of stuff I do..

This one time, I got an H2go bottle of water and was just like “Hey! I’ll use this as a water bottle instead of my flash Kathmandu one for awhile”. At some point during the week I was doing this, the water in the bottle got old. n.b – I did change the water multiple times during this week!

And when I say old I mean I took a HUGE drink of it one morning and thought it tasted funny. Looked at the bottom of the bottle and there were black floaty mould bits swirling in the bottom.

I nearly threw the fuck up.

I couldn’t drink water for about three days after this incident and spent majority of time extremely dehydrated and terrified I was going to catch life threatening illness from mould spores.

I didn’t. In case you were wondering.

If you laughed at this story please tell me! It will make me feel 100 times better about this gross thing that happened to me.


3 thoughts on “30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 14. Something disgusting you do.

  1. Hahah great! Reminds of when I was going through an Up & Go stage and had a few sips of one that was seriously off but I couldn’t tell so asked a friend to check and she nearly vomited and then screamed at me… haha sick. Anna

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