30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 15. The best things to happen to you this week.

Okay! So this this week started off not so awesome but turned itself around (and it’s only hump day).

1. I won tickets to Air NZ’s social media breakfast (it was today), Paul Henry MCed (where have you been bro?!), had an awesome guest speaker – this guy – and there were bagels. With bacon inside. Also some great insights into social media marketing.

2. SMCAKL was tonight. I am quickly becoming a fan of these! If you haven’t been and are in comms/marketing/PR, go. You can come with me, and I’ll even hold your hand for the first time. Tonight was super valuable and if you didn’t come; boo, you whore.

3. Ran 5.6km on Tuesday night. It’s a new record, so I’m a lil bit proud.

4. I’m halfway through the blogging challenge. It’s fun! But I’m really exhausted guys. Only 15 more days to go.

5. I have an anon guest post thing to post at some stage soon. Vague, I know.

6. Allie is back, and she wrote this post about depression. If you’ve ever not understood someone with depression, you’re about to.

7. I’ve inspired (never thought this would happen) some more people to blog. Haha. Can’t wait to read your crazy thoughts guys.

8. I found this girl on tumblr.

9. Also technically this was last week but I got that kiss I was hoping for.

I’ve had a pretty good week so far yeah?!



2 thoughts on “30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 15. The best things to happen to you this week.

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a great week Caitlin!

    1- So jealous! Would love to go to one of these.
    2- SMCAKL sounds awesome. My twitter newsfeed is always full of knowledge when it’s on. Have been meaning to go for ages!
    6- Really enjoyed that post. It helped me understand depression a lot more.

    Hannah xx

    1. 1 – It was awesome! The speaker today was the best (I hear from people who attended previously).
      2 – Come sometime! I will always go haha.
      6 – I’m glad 🙂 I thought you might xx

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