30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 18. Disrespecting parents.

As a seasoned disrespecter of parents my advice is this:


Parents have it tough. They make a mistake wonderful, planned, gorgeous baby – you. And then it grows up into a nasty teenage brat that yells, does drugs, has sex, sleeps alllll day, doesn’t study, doesn’t exercise, goes through emo phase (those of us who grew up in early 2000s), never does any chores, breaks laws, rides in cars with boys (HA), and whinges about how hard life is.

Parents are people too! People that actually do know what is best for you. And do you know why? Because they’ve been there, done that, purchased all the merchandise from the store. They know, man.

Do you think they wanted a brat like you turning their hair grey and their face all wrinkly like a prune? Don’t you think that they’d rather be swanning around Europe on holiday with all the money you sucked out of them?

Cut your olds a break and try to be a good teenager. You’ll appreciate them as people once you  grow out of all the angst.


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