30 Day Blogging Challenge 19. Something that never fails to make you feel better.

There are three options here for tricking your body into feeling good.

1. This is me being that annoying person that talks about fitness and how great it always makes them feel! Woo!┬áBut in all seriousness, a run never fails to make me feel good (endorphins are a real thing guys!). Even after the worst day in the world, ever, if I can make myself go for a run I know I’m going to feel heaps better. And that’s one less run I have to fit into the week too.

2. Sex. Those endorphins again! More fun than running too. Maybe this should be number one.

3. If all else fails then I sometimes have to put this plan in action:

– Takeaways. Not having to cook makes me feel awesome.

– Hot Shower. Being clean and warm makes me feel really awesome.

– Bed. Being snuggly is super awesome.

– Entire season of current fave show. Watching something to take my mind off feeling not awesome? SO AWESOME.


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