30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 23. Something you always think “what if…” about

I am so shit at doing this, I feel like I always peter out by Thursday, skip 3 days, return full of good intentions, blog like a mad woman, and then repeat process.

I just get exhausted from my socialite lifestyle, darling.

How I wish I look in the morning
This is our reality.

This week, though, I got an iphone 5. So you can imagine blogging has not been high on my priority list.

Anyway! Todays topic is something I think ‘what if’ about. Because of my relatively short life so far, I haven’t had an extravagantly large amount of life changing things happen to me.

1. Here I go again talking about exes. But I do sometimes think what if we had never dated. I might have done post grad. I might have done post grad in Wellington (this was a serious option). I might have gone traveling overseas. I might still be crazy unfit. I might have been with someone different! I might have still been with them.

I might not be the person I am today.

There are a lot of ‘what ifs’ in life, but looking back on all the decisions you made and wondering where your life might have gone if you had done this instead of that isn’t the most productive use of your time. We can’t go back and change anything so we might as be happy where we are, because in all honesty it’s not that bad, and the opportunity for change is just another decision away.


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