30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 26. Your religious beliefs.

Touchy subject. Especially for a Sunday.

I was raised without religion. I once asked my Mother what religion our family was back in the day, when it was the done thing (Anglican). But apart from that I’ve had little interest in it at all.

Having been raised to not believe in any religion, it’s very difficult for me as an adult to imagine that there is a big guy up there in the sky, or a big evil guy down below. It seems to me the kind of thing that you have instilled in you by your parents at a very young age, and then you just continue believing because that’s all you’ve ever believed.

I’ve never gone to church (aside from attending funerals), and I don’t plan on attending. I celebrate Christmas and Easter, but I see these holidays more as a chance to see all my family together, and have a good time with copious amounts of food and alcohol. I’m not even that fussed on presents. 

I’m 95% sure that when you die nothing spectacular happens. The other 5% isn’t sure, because how can we ever really know? The only people that would know, are dead. So we can’t ask them. I guess we’ll find out when we’re dead. Or we won’t… because we’ll be dead.

Part of me really wants to believe that there’s a wonderful magical place called heaven, where you get to keep on existing after death. But it honestly just seems incredibly far fetched to me, and I can’t get into it.

I don’t have any problem with other people believing in whatever they want to believe but I don’t like having their beliefs shoved down my throat. My religious friends are pretty great because they don’t tend to do that. They do their thing, and I do mine. And they’re lovely people.

I try really hard to be a fundamentally good person. I have morals. I don’t cheat, lie, or steal. I try and treat other people with kindness and respect. Emphasis on try, no one can get it right all the time.

I think that’s all we can ask of each other in life.

P.S I like to imagine if there is a God, he’s a lot like Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty.


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