30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 27. Talk about your siblings.

I have one sibling, and she is the most beautiful, wonderful girl I’ve ever known. I’m outrageously lucky to be related to her.


We have the same Mum, but different Dads. I’ve never thought of her as my ‘half sister’. She is simply my sister.

She’s 17, five years younger than me, in her final year at high school, which is weird for me, as I remember her being born. It makes me feel crazy old.

She’s incredibly sporty – any sport she tries she excels at. She is smart, and a hard worker! She wants to be a doctor, and I have all the faith in the world in her. She’s going to make a wonderful doctor. And eventually I’ll have free healthcare. YEOW!

She has another sister and brother (her Dads other kids).

I only have her. So she’s crazy special to me. As we get older we get closer, I can imagine we’re going to be inseparable friends for life.


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