This Week Happened (is still happening)

It’s not even the end of the week, but I’m finding rules constrictive at the moment so meh.

1. I cleaned my desk at work. I’m learning that it stresses me out to be messy, cleaning it makes me feel better, keeping it clean is really hard. It gets messy again. Vicious circle. Sorry workmates.

2. I finished the 30 day blogging challenge and it was sometimes easy, and sometimes hard. Mostly hard to keep writing afterwards. I spent 20 minutes the other day reading other peoples blogs – to get inspired, and basically all anyone talks about is what they’ve been doing/stuff they think is cool. I think I’m over thinking this blogging thing.

3. Booking an early morning flight and actually getting up to catch said flight are two entirely different things.

4. Credit cards are bad. I seem to learn this and then conveniently forget it just as quickly.

5. Reading your snapchat log when hung over is terrifying. Sorry friends.

6. The 1/2 marathon is creeping closer and closer, and I’m really fucking scared. I keep reminding myself that for me, it is a massive achievement to just finish; so not running the entire way is not failing. It will probably be a run/walk type of effort.

7. If you are negative all the time and all you ever do is make sighing sounds and whinge about stuff, people will not want to be your friend. Word.

8. Don’t start playing games on your iPhone. You’ll get notifications every time something happens, sucking you back into the game, and sucking away your productivity.

9. Someone actually asked me a question on tumblr… to answer it, yes I do live in Auckland!

10. Squats are the trickiest exercise you’ll ever do. They seem so so so easy while doing them. I went to the gym other night and stood in front of the mirror to continue crafting my butt and holy shit – so easy! Busted out like 60. In a row. Couldn’t walk for the next two days. Don’t get tricked by squats.

11. When your baby sister goes to her 7th form ball, then you are old.

12. When countdown and new world both send you promo emails exclusively about wine, then you have a problem.


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