The Newsworthiness of Baby Yeezus

So Kimmy K just had her baby, thanks internet. I can’t help noticing the lack of nice comments. Where are all the congratulations, welcome to the world little baby yeezus messages?

All I seem to be able to read is crap about how this ‘ain’t’* news, Kim is a slut (um what? One sex tape and a 72 day marriage? Come on, give the girl a break…) and Kanye is cheating.

Um, let me correct you. Yes it actually is news.

Timeliness – it has just happened.

Impact – It impacts ALL the Kardashians + their fans, so half the planet.

Prominence РUm. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made a child.

Novelty – See last point.

The greatest thing about news in our day and age is that there is SO much of it! There is literally news that appeals to every different type of person. Gone are the days of sitting down to 6pm news to have your faith in humanity destroyed by watching a summary of all the depressing things the world has to offer us.

Now you can read Gossip Girl¬†(a personal fave), Buzzfeed (all of the cute), The Civilian (I hold this in very high esteem after todays article on the weather), The Herald (if you still care about the fate of this country house prices in Auckland). I’m sure there’re lots more news sites to browse if you truly care about serious topics, i.e.

I kid, I kid!!

Anyway, it’s all quite simple; all you have to do is read the news that YOU are interested in. Sounds pretty easy huh. I don’t understand why you would keep talking about, and reading news articles about, people you don’t like or have any interest in.

Do people not have better things to do with their day than to say mean things about a famous person who doesn’t know who you are, doesn’t care what you think, and probably never will? Your Mum was on to something when she told you not to say anything at all if you had nothing nice to say.

Comparing apples to oranges… I highly doubt that Kate Middleton is going to cop so much flack when she has her baby. I know, quite different (Royalty vs. Reality TV + Musical Genius), but still.

At the end of the day, a committed couple (no matter how weird) has welcomed their first child into the world. I think that’s something to congratulate them on.

* P.S it’s spelt ‘isn’t’. Or ‘is not’.


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