This week happened.

Another day, another dolla. Couldn’t think of a hood rhyme for ‘week’.

This week I learnt:

1. My iphone thinks gummy bears are fingers. Much fun was had with this.

2. You can’t trust the squiggly red line to alert you to all spelling errors.

3. I have run out of shows to watch. Evidently I watch way too much TV.

4. I absolutely delight in being sick and telling everyone how sick I am. I’m so sick, hear me sniffle and cough!

5. I’m also a massive hypocrite, as I accuse all the men at work of having man flu when they’re sick.

6. My sister is a grown up. Sniff! I almost feel like she’s my baby! If five year olds could have babies.

7. Turbulence in the Air NZ domestic 20 seater planes is fucking terrifying Like holy-shit-the-plane’s-going-down terrifying*.

8. Hashtags on Facebook are already annoying the fuck out of me. Hashtags exist to group together related posts/videos/images/links. They don’t exist so you can go crazy and write out a whole sentence (or multiple sentences) as a hashtag.


10. One day I’m going to become Claire from modern family, I just hope I can find a Phil to put up with love me. Haha.

11. I’m REALLY late to the party when it comes to cool music sometimes. I have recently discovered the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Lykke Li, and The Weeknd. Better late than never right?

12. I made homemade pumpkin soup and banana cake today. I’m still waiting to be wifed. That’s how this thing works, right?

*This might have been a slight exaggeration. 


3 thoughts on “This week happened.

  1. The next time I have gummy bears, i’m definitely going to try them out on my iphone, ha!

    Also, yes they are all awesome (and you weren’t kidding about being laaaate to the party, lady — ten years?!), I just wanted to say that the YYYs are awesomer than AWESOME. I’m totally biased because they’re my favourite band, but I will never get over how there is a YYYs song for every occasion. You can: drive and expend road rage in the form of singing loudly along; fall in love; fall out of love; mourn past relationships; beg someone to not leave; and fuck, cry, dance, love and run run run to the YYYs.

    P.S. re your other post, I actually do know how to use semi-colons 😦 I just got lazy towards the end of that list (read: something finally happened on the Tour de France so commentary caught my attention) and it felt wrong to use them between single words.

    1. HA HA! Press them on the screen and apps will open it’s amazing. The little things huh..

      Can’t wait to do all of those things to the YYYs!

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