This week happened: The relationship edition

Welcome to the relationship edition of This Week Happened. You might have guessed it’s about dating and relationships. Correct! Good guess guuuiise. Anyway some weeks are big on life lessons for me, and some weeks are not; this was one of the big ones.

I decided to try grown up dating, rather than getting drunk and hooking up dating; which is not really dating at all. It’s getting drunk and hooking up. Haha. I get the feeling it’s going to be much more rewarding.

Here is some stuff I learnt / thought about!

1. Being 22 rules.

2. Being 22 sucks.

3. Eventually I’ll be 23 and it’ll probably feel exactly the same as 22.

4. I hope Taylor Swift writes us a song for every age we reach together.

5. Adult feelings are hard to deal with. I’m ill equipped.

6. Internet daters, please do not send me your version of the great kiwi novel (aka your life story). A simple “Hi, I see you like this? I like this too!” will suffice. And is less creepy.

6.1. Also, giving someone a backhanded compliment is not a good intro. You like my list of tv shows I’m into; but you hope they’re not in order? Oh thanks, you asshole.

7. One of the greatest things about the internet is that it gives a voice to anyone who wants it. It is also one of the worst. Before you write that snarky facebook comment reread what you’ve written. Maybe you don’t want to post that and look like a massive see ewe en tee. (This is unrelated to dating, and mostly related to managing a brands facebook page, sigh).

8. The best relationship advice I got this week was that dating should be fun and easy in the beginning, and if it’s not maybe it’s not worth your time.

9. People will disappoint you by living up to the low expectations they’ve set for themselves.

10. I could legit be a private investigator. All you need is a fantastic memory (check), a great grasp on facebook (check) and the skills to use google to its full potential (checkcheckcheck). And facebook graph search when it’s available! It’s going to revolutionise stalking.

11. Boys should treat you like a Bruno Mars song, and if they don’t; kick ’em to the curb.

12. On an unrelated grammar note, the hardest thing for me to make sense of are semi colons; so I found this. Enjoy. (I still don’t know if I’m doing them right)

13. We can only live today.


5 thoughts on “This week happened: The relationship edition

  1. Grown up dating as in interwebs dating? I think of it from time to time but I doubt I’d ever have the courage. Much respect to you, though! For now, my internet dating will consist of Facebook stalking crushable ladies I meet in everyday life and then imagining massively improbable scenarios with zero follow through, ha!

    1. As in a full on OkCupid profile! I have an IRL date tomorrow. You should try it, it definitely beats pining after facebook friends / drunkenly hooking up. =)

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