This week happened: My favourite things

I found some stuff I really really like this week. Here it is!

Menswear dog. LOOK at his face. Oh my god. I can’t even deal.

Justin Timberlake doing things. He does all of the things, and he does them well.

Pharrell. The kid (40, but looks 20!) gives me stomach flips. Legit. Can we get married?

Dating. For reeeeals. Real dates are so much more fun. Laters hookups.

Bad dates. Bad dates are just a way to learn what you don’t like/want. Making it that much easier to spot what you do like when it comes along.

Maybelline dream smooth primer. Oh my god. So good. Not everyone has the same type of skin and so it may not be that amazing to you, but this is working wonders for me. It literally makes my skin feel like silk.

Going to sleep at 9:30pm and then actually wanting to get up in the morning. Also not pressing snooze and waking up an hour later. Late.

When shampoo/conditioner/body-wash bottles are the type that sits upside down already.

Horoscope tweets. This is a little embarrassing. Why do we care so much about having an astrological identity? I think we just like fitting into some kind of label. And that’s okay.

Teen wolf. No one has been taking me seriously after I tell them I’ve been watching this. Okay, I get it; it’s no game of thrones. But all the good shit that you’re okay telling people you watch has finished. Also this.¬†Yum.

This list of pre age 24 advice.

Starting my yearly John Mayer jam. Yeah so I go through a weird thing every year when I haven’t listened to John Mayer for months (why, I’m not sure), and then I’ll hear him somewhere, remember how much I love him; and then listen exclusively to him for about 2-3 months. Rinse and repeat.

This non John Mayer song:

Peace x


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