This week happened: The Antarctic Edition

Last week went by! Blah blah blah.

1. Frank. I want Frank on my body. Created by some very witty Melbourne based writers – Willow & Blake – Frank is a coffee body scrub. As if there should be any other kind of scrub. These are obviously multi-talented babes, you should like their facebook too; as it’s hilarious.

2. I went ice skating. I’m kind of amazing at it. As in I didn’t fall over.

3. I feel like I’m having an insane year for personal growth, and every time I have change in perspective on something I feel like I’m becoming just that little bit more adult.

4. I went out on Saturday night. Two things happened; I didn’t get drunk enough and everyone suddenly got young. Fuck you all.

5. This Antarctic weather is literally ruining my hair and skin. Everyone I know is a beauty blogger. Halp me, bitches.

6. Cory Monteith is dead, and it makes me feel really upset. I always feel like it must be a trick when celebs die. Other prime examples include Brittany Murphy and Heath Ledger. =(

7. Pineapple Lump Primo is a thing, and I need to consume more of them.



6 thoughts on “This week happened: The Antarctic Edition

  1. My skin is also having a mini meltdown so I am constantly, like every 2 hours, putting on some kind of moisturiser. I can do this because I “work” from home (5 hours in last fortnight #lol) so I have the luxury of walking around looking like a greaseball. Also, I know very little about skincare and have this inkling that my skin actually doesn’t like being touched so often haha.

    Do you have any face/hair oils? You could try loading your skin/hairs with that at night.

    I also had the misfortune of going out when I was not drunk enough and I got pretty bitter about it: I was at a drinks enjoying my vodka sodas (how white girl is that) and then everyone was like ‘omg like it’s like nearly 12, like we gotta go’. As if town just stops at 1 and we had to be there before 12. So we left (omg this is the longest story and it isn’t even that interesting) and got to town which was poos and wees cos I wasn’t drunk enough. It was such a waste of vodka….RIP. NEVER AGAIN will I go out so un-drunk.

    What a long comment.


    1. I wish I could look like a grease monkey at work! Alas, I work in fashion and this is not deemed a suitable work look. I am not helped by the fact I have severe case of pashius rashitis (the shame, the shame). I am tempted to start oiling my face with bio oil at night times. Perhaps this will help?

      YES! Oh god, we wasted so much money on wines, taxis, town drinks (horror horror $$), and finally; 2am MacDonalds. If I’m not stumbling over drunk, obvs I should just stay home.

      P.S I love your stories. Tres entertaining.

  2. >I didn’t get drunk enough and everyone suddenly got young. Fuck you all.
    Everyone only seemed young because you were sober, once you get drunk everyone is the same.

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