This Week Happened: The Party Girl Edition

I couldn’t write this yesterday as I was tres hungover, and it was not fabulous.

1. The lyrics to Red Red Wine are actually quite awkward if the song comes on at an inopportune time.

2. Unless you suffer from migraines, you will never understand how shit they make you feel. It is not a normal headache. Like, two whole days are written off. They also come with some cray side effects. I ate everything in my house the day after. Everything.


3. I’m becoming great at identifying OKCupid catfishes. I have also been lazy and have not been on any more dates, but I will soon. Quality > Quantity, friends.

4. I have started getting messages from bi girls on OKCupid. So if none of you fellas work out, there’s always that.

5. I need to cut out sugar again. Stat. If you see me with any kind of processed sugar; slap me. Hard.

6. Not caring what people think of you is literally the greatest feeling in the world. I’m serious, I never thought I would get here but I did, and it’s so epic. I raved in a bra on Saturday night (#sorrynotsorry Mum), and whilst the girls in the bathroom were very unimpressed; I had a great (non sweaty clothing – because it was off) time. I’m pretty sure this must be what Miley feels like ALL the time. It’s hard work being classy all the time girl.

7. I’ve officially entered/paid for/completed registration for the Taupo half marathon. I’m fucking unprepared, but the countdown is on. Please come and cheer for me. I get a tee shirt and I’m pretty sure a chocolate fish at the end; so it’s going to be well worth it. OH, AND THE BRAGGING RIGHTS.

8. Today I figured out that if I stand with my legs parted, and my butt out; I have a box gap. Enough for me. Haha.

9. Hiding chocolate bars for future you is just about as good as hiding money for future you. This also is why I need to stop with the sugar.

10. I made this playlist, I think it’s awesome, and I’m kinda proud of it. You should listen and follow.

11. Sometimes I’m really not jealous of any couples I see, and am pretty glad that I don’t have a person who judges me for staying in bed on Friday nights watching Teen Wolf. Because I know you would. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

12. Sometimes I am a little bit jealous.

13. This kinda sounds like ‘yolo’, but I won’t say it so… We only have a really limited time to be young and stupid and crazy. After that we have to try and be adults. So say yes, get dressed, go out, drink up, stay out, and chill out. It’s only life, and it should be fun.

* Image courtesy of Hyperbole and a half.

7 thoughts on “This Week Happened: The Party Girl Edition

  1. I also need to jump on that sugar-free train – sugar is really bad for inflammation, and as someone who has chronic pain that is NOT OKAY! Non-processed sugars only for a week, may have to implement this starting tomorrow as I had a slice of chocolate espresso cake today and it was amazing (and obviously full of sugar).

    Also, congrats on entering the Taupo half marathon!


    1. Let me know how you go Megan! I failed yesterday.. Monday was tres stressful haha. But it really does make you feel better and after awhile I stopped craving anything processed, I was happy as eating fruit for my sugar hit.

      P.S thank you! There will be a blog post about it next week I’m sure =) x

  2. So need to get on this cutting out sugar jam. Sugar is ruling my life: I am bloated constantly thus no boyfriend. I need another ruler…e.g. brocolli.

    Maybe I will do a week sugar-free and #blogaboutit. But, like, when? Not during period, not during week before period (must prepare for period), and preferably not during week post-period (must reward self for getting through period/not being preggo). Or the other week. Hmm.

    1. HAHA! All of those weeks sound terrible for sugar-free week. I’m skinny all week but then weekend rolls around.. Wine sugar = bloated wino whale. 😦


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