2013 Jar of Boys

First of all, where the hell has 2013 gone? We are almost in August, and it seems like only the other week we were wearing shorts, getting drunk, and making stupid NY resolutions.

This year my resolutions were not that stupid, they were quite smart really. I saw somewhere, Instagram perhaps, that people were doing this thing where they write down all of the good and fabulous things that happen to them over the year, pop them in a jar (Pinterest worthy jar, preferably) and then take them all out to look at them next NY and gush over what an amazing year they had!

Well, I thought, this sounds like exactly what my freshly broken little heart needs, assuming good things ever happen to me again (breakup logic, not very logical. Of course good things will happen to me again). So that’s what I’ve been doing this year, doing things and popping them in a jar. Maybe I should write a blog about them when I take them all out in 2014.

The other day I had a sneaky peak at the little folded up post it notes (I have a post it problem) and realised at least half of them are about meeting boys. What the.

After this slightly worrying realisation I then realised that it’s not actually that bad, because they have all taught me something this year! Here we go…

Disclaimer: If your name appears here I’m sorry, not sorry.

I’m not actually going to write names, I will write initials though, because that’s fun and it makes me feel like gossip girl.

1. C (lol!). It is not okay to let boys with girlfriends chase you. It is also a vary bad idea to let your ex boyfriends friends chase you. Bad bad bad. I did already know this but…heh. 

2. R. Sometimes scoring the hottest guy at the party is literally the thing that gets you back on your feet. And one night stands can be just one night stands.

3. R. This would have been a huge waste of my time, except for all the things I learnt. Like exactly what type of behaviour I don’t want from a boy.

4. A. Tres drunk hookup. Much more fireworks than previous boy. Realised how much I actually did not like him. Prompted my ass into dumping previous boy. Still friendly.

5. T. Realised dating should not be hard. Realised baggage can be heavy. Realised people have weird hangups about themselves. Realised it bothered me. Too hard basket.

6. J. Realised people are not perfect – even when they seem to be – and realised the ease of dating people who live in the same city as you (why this took 6 months to realise, am still not entirely sure).

And being by myself has taught me that I am all I need. And that’s okay.



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