This week happened: The 21,000 metre edition.

It’s been a little while since I wrote one of these.  Oops! I’ve been crazy busy with work and… well, really just work. But they pay me, so totes worth it?

Yesterday I did my half marathon. I don’t really know what to say about it, except it was really, really, hard (kind of a given though right?) and I’m not sure if I’ll be doing another one. Although, people who ask me this question; what sort of response did you think you’d get, asking me the day after? Ask me in two months and I’ll probably say yes. I have the 10.5km run at the Auckland Marathon coming up anyway.

I did a decent amount of running/walking up to the halfway point, where my sister was waiting with food, fresh socks and sunglasses (she’s an angel sent from heaven). After that, the running ship had kind of sailed so I resigned myself to walking really fast to finish it. My time was 3 hours and 9 minutes. If I do another one there will be more training and less partying. And I’ll basically tape my entire foot up to prevent blisters.

A side effect I did not expect – my feet are swollen to twice their normal size, and I basically look like a zombie when I attempt to walk anywhere. My baby toes have also turned into blisters. Anyone know how to dry these out?

Past Caitlin took Friday and Monday off work (cheers bebs!), mostly for travel purposes. I’m kind of broke at the moment so I booked myself on the bus (bus wanker?!), which was $10 each way.

Before you get on your high horse about bus travel here are some good things about the bus:

  1. You meet different people. On Friday I met a girl who spends winter working up the mountain, and summer working in the bay of islands. Um, hello, your life is awesome and how can I do this too?
  2. You don’t have to drive.  A person literally drives you to your destination for $10. Nuff’ said.
  3. The buses to Auckland have Wi-Fi.
  4. I can sit there and watch back-to-back episodes of Supernatural.
  5. There are hot foreign travellers on buses.
  6. It doesn’t cost you $90 in petrol.
  7. Saving $90 means you have more dollars for coffees on the way. By the way, if you ever have to stop in Rotorua go and get a flat white from the library shop (I think that’s what it’s called), it’s right next to the Rotorua Library; where I am sitting writing this with free Wi-Fi. Tres impressive, Rotovegas.

What else has happened? I am currently trialling a new skincare fix, but I need a few more days before I can #blogaboutit. Watch this space! I hardly ever write about beauty, but if this goes the way I think it will it’s going to be a game changer.

Speaking of beauty. I’m sick to death of girls selling used make up on walk in wardrobe*, it’s freaking used. Tres gross. Just suck it up and buy something new

I’m still boy crazy, and I still don’t care what people think. Haha. I’ve been having some mint conversations with a dude in Aussie. What’s the point? He’s 2000km away, but he’s cool to talk to, so why not right? I like having friends all over the world. (Cappy, you’re on top of this list.)

Everyone is getting their own domain name. What do we think? Worth it?

*Walk in wardrobe is a group on Facebook for New Zealand girls (like 35,000 of us) to sell pre-owned designer clothing. It’s turned into a bit of a joke now though. Think fake branded make-up, tacky bulk brought items, joke posts, and girls trying to sell clothes that should just go into a clothing donation bin (sorry but it’s true). 



8 thoughts on “This week happened: The 21,000 metre edition.

  1. Yo yo, Fi here. My feet are pretty much entirely scar tissue so they blister like a mofo at the slightest irritation! I pop the blister then wrap it up in a plaster or two, it’s basic as but it’s the best thing for drying them out so they can heal.
    I was a member of TEN DOLLA HOLLA on FB for a couple of months until I started feeling gross when I checked it ‘cos it was full of girls selling ‘replica’ makeup and used gym clothes. Sick sick SICK.

    1. I ALWAYS pop the blister! So glad you do too! Everyone is all ‘oh but infections’, but I think if you shower twice a day and wear socks and shoes it’s highly unlikely you’ll develop a problem. Foot blisters will be dry in couple days, just worried about baby toes, as they are notoriously difficult as far as toes go.

      Why so much scars on the tootsies bebs?

      Ewwww. Used gym clothes! Saaah rank. I am not a fan of the replicas 😦


      1. Yup! Always pop those lil biatches! Even when I get them on my baby toes. Although this could just be an extension of my fascination with popping pimples but whatev. I swear by it. Haha. I’ve never had an infected blister either.
        When I was little I had to get skin grafts for third degree burns caused by hot water all over my feet and up one of my arms! They’ve faded a lot but they’ll never go away so I’m stuck with blistered tootsies all my life I think.
        Hahaha used gym clothes, who knows what the previous owner did while wearing them? Ugh!

  2. Can’t wait to hear about your skincare revelation!

    Agree about Walk in Wardrobe becoming slightly ridiculous. Am glad you can search in there, though. I go in like once a fortnight, search ‘Kowtow’, nothing is ever there, and leave.

    Alsooooo agree re: bus journeys. I haven’t really done much busing (omg verb? bussing?) around in NZ but have done massive legs in South America – a very memorable 36 hour one. And two 24 hour ones. It feels slimy after that many hours, but it is cheap and effective haha.

    Anna x

    1. Urgh WIW so gross. Although watching teenagers ask for fake IDs is highly entertaining!

      Bussing in NZ is okay! They stop in like every second town so never in danger of starving or peeing your pants on the bus.

      P.S will be buying domain as soon as budget allows. Sigh.

      Skin is so weird. Am thinking less about what you put on it, and more about what you put in your mouth (sounds dirrrty but I mean food/vitamins ha).


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