This month happened: The neglected blog edition

The oldest excuse in the book; I’ve just been so so busy!

But actually, I have. Work has been manic, like 10-12 hour days manic. So forgive me if coming home and blogging about all the social events I’ve been missing has been the last thing I want to do. I’m lucky I’ve even made it to the gym.

Here’s what I’ve been doing..

– Planning events at work. Most of the reason for the long days. Feeling like I have the event management bug now.

– Running. After the 1/2 I had two weeks of nothing and then a couple weeks where I tried to get into it but my heart wasn’t there. Now it’s spring and I want to look banging for summer so all motivation has returned. YAY!

– Meeting other blogger friends! I had to go to Wellington last Friday for work so thought it would be fun to change my flight and stay a night down there with Anna from catandtonic, turns out I was right and it was a crazy amount of fun. Anna, fanks guurl for having my drunk ass to stay 🙂

– Tindering… HAHA. Okay so here’s what you all wanted to read. I think the tinder thing is getting a little out of control, I sent about 300 snapchats in the last couple of days (for your entertainment click here), and I have four Nicks numbers on my phone.

Halp. They’re all saved by an identifying feature i.e. the site I met them on, their age, their attractiveness. There is a ‘hot nick’; because isn’t there always? I’m meeting one for coffee this afternoon too (fyi, I haven’t any of the others yet). This will be the first tinder date, two others have fallen though (boys are like buses though right?), and I actually met one in Wellington (not a Nick) but that wasn’t a date. He’s cool as hell though. Long story.

Anyway, I’ll let you know how the tinder date goes. Am not sure how long I can keep talking to this many of them. It’s exhausting, and they always try to arrange dates that cut into my gym time. Inconvenient.

– OKCupid is kind of boring me at the moment, it goes through phases where there will be a ton of normal good looking dudes and then a bunch of not normal at all. Had messages from a couple of normal ones, so if I meet them I promise to #blogaboutit.

– In non dating news I have a new TV show to keep me entertained for a couple more months. For some reason I never watched supernatural. NOW I DO. Maybe it’s a good thing though, younger me probably couldn’t have appreciated the beauty that is Sam and Dean.

– Oh I almost forgot.. I met some All Blacks last week in Wellington. Not dating one yet, but surely it’s only a matter of time right?



7 thoughts on “This month happened: The neglected blog edition

  1. What’s your feel on Tinder? I’m still not too sure about it. I also didn’t realise what swipe left did, I thought it just meant “pass no judgement”. Turns out I probably nope’d my way through half the population. My bad.

  2. Oh lord, that video from the law revue hasn’t even gone viral like the other one, and it’s already been linked to on a blog post?! #wanttoshootmyself but I have to give it props for being pretty spot on.

    Do you have any tips for making it to the gym other than the far-fetched notion of having a bangin’ bod for summer? Now that hockey ended yesterday, I’m in dire need of betting my arse to the gym more than ever.

    1. Hahaha I’m liking those law revue girls! #funny.

      Haha tips… hmmm. I have been bad only gone once or twice a week. you just have to make yourself do it. It’s hard, totally a mental thing. I’m thinking of quitting my gym and joining the tepid baths one coz I love swimming laps in summer x

      1. Ooh the tepid baths! Well I might even look into those or the Parnell baths, to be honest. Although I’ve just signed on to learn to surf (aka in process of acquiring a wetsuit) and will hopefully obsess over it all summer and get better, so maybe I won’t need a pool so much.

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