Hello, October.

Hey October, it’s a bit late I know… But better late than never right?

Here’s some cool stuff that’s been going on.

1. Today I tasted a cronut. That shit is not over rated. I advise trying one, and then practising your powers of will to not eat one every day for the rest of… ever.  The coolest little coffee shop just opened on Durham Lane (behind my office) called nice day. They’re giving out free cronuts with every coffee until the 25th Oct. Yum. Go tomorrow!

2. My little sister once again takes the title of golden child from within my reach (like it was ever close to begin with), she’s going to cut off all her hair as a part of the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Campaign – where they take real hair and make wigs for cancer patients. A pretty legit cause if you ask me! Hopefully Anna will have a donation page set up soon, as donations are much appreciated and will all go towards the Cancer Society. If you can’t wait that long and want to send Anna money, PM her on Facebook – she’s the most honest kid out.

3. Oh. She’s also going to Otago to do first year health science (pre-med) next year. Just casually. Accepted and everything. She’s going to be a good human… I work in Marketing… =(

4. I have some pretty wild dating stories, but they’re becoming a little bit R rated so I may just have to make password protected posts or something? Then I can pick and choose who gets to read them and save a bit of dignity; because hell, I like to share but not to EVERYONE. Life would be a whole lot easier if I had an anonymous blog, but who can be farked starting over again, amiright?

5. I also have some G rated dating stories to share, and two extra days off next week, during which I intend to write about them. Tres exciting.

6. It’s officially less than a month until I turn 23. I’m flashing between excitement and horror. At the moment I want to cry. Can someone buy me my domain name for my birthday?

7. I have another running race that I’m terribly underprepared for. Fuck. 10.5km at quarter to 7am on the 3rd of November. I’ve been dying on 4km runs, so we’ll see how that goes.. Hint – It’ll go shit.

8. I’m also doing a transformation challenge at work. I won the last one, but I had a big emotional upheaval last time (le birthday breakup) which helped a lot. I didn’t eat! This diet is not recommended though. I don’t have the same this time, so it’s actually a hell of a lot harder. Who would have thought huh.

9. I’m still watching Supernatural. This show NEVER ends. But also yay because who could ever get sick of this:

Their fanbase is primarily female. I wonder why.

10. Getting weirdly obsessed with astrology again. Which makes me wonder if I’m actually the person I am because of it or if I am because I read that shit and believe I am.. therefore I am. Halp.

11. Best list of 20 something blah blah blah I’ve read here (and I read a lot, so I would know).

12. Sometimes I think this blog is a big fat massive dating jinx. Will elaborate in future posts.

What do we all think on (any of) the above points?

P.S. Please don’t tell anyone at work about the cronut. 



5 thoughts on “Hello, October.

  1. I’ve managed to put off trying a cronut and I still can’t bring myself to do it… mostly because I know that once I have, I won’t stop.

    How did the run go? And come on, you keep tantalising us with dating stories “to come” that never came. Or is that the gist of how they went… haha.

    1. I am a bad human and never replied to you! The 10.5km was GREAT and I am doing it again this year.

      Lets agree to disagree about the cronut 😉

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