A brief hiatus

I’m dying, really dying, to make a reference to slim shady here. But I won’t. Or maybe I should just make it coz I basically have already amiright.

Yeah, I’m back. Back again.

I’ll stop.


So it kind of looks like I haven’t written anything in like 6 months. Pretty long writers block / I thought deeply about this the other day after reading a similar (but less lame), ‘I’m back’ post on someone else’s blog. And all they literally said was “I just don’t feel like blogging anymore. Maybe I will again soon but not right now.” So there. I just haven’t felt like it.  Now I sorta do again, so here, I’ll tell you about some stuff that has happened and a few things I’ve learnt in the last 6 months.

I’m on holiday and I caught a fish for the first time ever. This is super exciting because I have always found fishing to be an extremely boring activity and tend to get very fidgety sitting in a boat on the sea unable to go anywhere should I wish to gtfo. But this time I caught 4 snapper in about 20 minutes so I would totally go all the time if it were like this all the time, which many people felt the urge to explain to me that it’s NOT. But whatever, I caught the #FOTD.

My holiday is over soon and I have to go back to work. It is what it is, and it’s shit. I wish I could just have tons of money and live by the beach and wake up every day and go swimming in the sea.

I advise everyone who makes the questionable decision to read this blog to think very hard about people they date, because you could very easily end up dating a sociopath (or just someone with a lot of tendencies) without realising until it’s too late.  It’s very difficult to get the fuck out of that situation fyi.

Seriously tho, think about what kind of person they are and what behaviour they’re exhibiting and if you really like them or you just have a crush and really want it to work out, because there are a lot of mucho cooler dudes out there.

I think probably the best criteria for dating is someone who can make you laugh and is also nice to the waiter.

Also in other news, I’m sick to fucking death of people talking about food and exercise and shit they don’t eat because [insert trendy bad food of the moment here] is so so so bad for you. Here’s the thing, I do the exact same thing, but the difference is I don’t talk about it because it’s a BORING topic of conversation and I really don’t care if your thighs touch or not. 

I honestly feel like I should have learnt more over 6 months but fuck, I’ll work with what I’ve got. 


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