Some thoughts post Election Day in New Zealand.

John Key and the National party won by a landslide last night, and you might love it or hate it, you might have voted for him you might not have, you might even have not voted (if you didn’t, shame on you).

I was, and I generally always am, pretty heavily involved in the twitter discussion last night. Twitter being twitter, and facebook being facebook, I noticed a few opinions and comments spilling over into the ‘vile sweary rage’ and the ‘our country is now fcuked good job NZ’ category. One woman even said that National supporters should be rounded up and shot. That’s 50% of the country (which I hardly think would be very helpful), not to mention a very un-humanist approach to take.

A political opinion does not make a person who they are (even if you’re JK or Davey!), so please think twice before you take to your keyboards in rage during the coming weeks to write derogatory, nasty things, and remember we’re all human, we’re all kiwis, and we’re all in this together.

Like it or not, John Key and National is who we’ve got for another three years, and I implore you to continue using your voice to get the positive change you want to see. Use your electorate MP, write them letters, go and see them, share your ideas and hopes for the country, get involved in a charity you believe in or a community project that can make a difference where you live.

Just don’t return to the doomsday predictions, apathy and inevitable complaining that tends to happen once the glitz and glamour of the election wears off.

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