Open letter blog series – 1. hello best friend

So last year*, in a mad blogging frenzy I decided to do a 30 day blog challenge. Regardless of the fact I find it extremely cringe to reread now it was really fun, my writing improved (in my opinion) and it was dare I say, challenging. So all of those things challenges are supposed to be!

We are long overdue for another one then! After spending several hours last week searching the web, instagram, and pinterest I found this one on tumblr. It’s ten days and consists of writing open letters to people. I’ve always kind of liked this idea since my friend Ra started included them on her blog, hers are well written, incredibly beautiful, and touching. I think it’s safe to say, being a far less graceful person mine will not be as eloquent, but that’s part of my charm, right. Right?

1. A letter to your best friend

Hello best friend, beautiful human, sister, soulmate. I don’t think you’ll ever know how happy it makes me to be your friend, I don’t make friends easily and to know someone like you thinks I’m worth knowing makes me feel infinitely special. It always has, ever since the day we first met. I couldn’t believe this cool, pretty, tanned** girl wanted to be my friend. I love that every childhood memory I have seems to include you, it means I tend to think about you often, maybe every day. I love that wherever you are feels like my second home. And it feels like I’m always welcome. I especially love that for at least one school year we tried to convince everyone we were actually sisters by making our mothers buy us the same clothes and shoes. Anyone who’s ever seen us together would know how ridiculous that idea was.

This year we will have known each other 20 years. It also means we’ll be 25 and our lives are changing in ways I never thought they would (this partly has to do with the fact I’ve never been able to see myself as older as I am now. 24. The life plan never stretched this far, and now I feel like I’m making it up as I go along, it’s dizzying), your life especially will be wildly different by the time our next birthdays roll around. I’ve never been so excited and happy for you.

I love how time ceases to be a construct for us. I can go without seeing you for years (and I did, when we moved) and when we’re reunited it feels like no time has passed at all. I love that our friendship relies on so much more than facades like partying and gossip, I feel like I can tell you anything, no filter required, no judgement given. I love that you’re endlessly generous and selfless, probably to the extent that you should put yourself first more often (do this please), it means you have the most beautiful soul, and it honestly shines out of your face.

Here’s to 20 more years. And 20 more after that. And because I don’t plan on dying at 65 lets throw in another 20.

I love you xx

*I actually just realised this was in 2013 so not last year but TWO YEARS AGO. What.
** At age 5 -10 all pale, white blonde me wanted was dark tanned skin and long brown curly hair, just like my best friend. The highest form of flattery.


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