Open letter series 2 – Thanks

Dear parents,

Thank you. Thank you for at one stage in your lives being madly in love and for the one in a billion (this is a highly scientific mathematical guess obviously) chance that you actually made me. That blows my mind. I could easily – more easily than existing – have not existed. So thank you.

Thanks for not staying together. You’re both such different people I feel like staying together would have been detrimental to you both, and to me. This way I got to enjoy both my parents, happy, as themselves. Thanks for always being civil, for being more than civil – for being friends – to one another.

I know I’ve been incredibly lucky. I’ve never felt like I had to choose one side or another, because there were no sides, just our family. Not every kid gets to grow up like that.

I could go on and on because you’ve helped me grow up and you continue helping me now, to this day. But that would be a never ending blog post so I’ll stick with just this for now.


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